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Art Event Reviews: Art Forum BerlinAcross The BidgeInternational Art Documenta 11

Art Forum Berlin

The International Fair for Contemporary Art, September 26-30/2002

The Art Forum Berlin turns the classical white cube Gallery yet again as is shown by its brilliance of presentation. With familiarity and rememberence of origin the Gallery makes a great impression on the public and inspires a new course of function.
Artistic Director Sabrina Van Dirley and Project Manager Kirsten Günther blight through an everchanging tone reflecting in a way the structure and interior design much like the now modern art expressions are to our enviroments.

The Art Forum here is substantialy large and even encompasses other sections of the city as in conjuction with Kunstherbst (Autumn of Art) and Kunstlerhaus Bethanien.
This is the seventh annual contemporary art fair containing 155 Gallery representations from 25 countries including 1.500 artists as the show revolves each day different artists work is displayed. This feature may go unseen by one time visitors but transits an exceptional showcase of art for those of us who could definitly not take it all in in one visit.
This years forum was different in many respects to any other as excepted participation from new galleries and younger artists developed and an undefinable atmosphere change. This change is refering to not only beautiful lounge situations designed by artists but a deep rooted system change that I think will enhance Art Forums integrity in future fairs..

September 26th- A discussion was held by Suzanne Titz, the curatorial speaker on a panel with four others. Each a proffessional in their feild of curation provided differentiating and insightful perspectives of the entity which is an art forum and museum, progressing art mediation.
Discussions included: Problems with education through art forums, Heterogenius venues, Solutions for non-attendence by muti-cultural groups, and;
How sucsess is determined from an institutional veiw.
Wailing Boers- The discussion started by the content and ideas is continued, perpetuating new ideas and projects.
The disconnection between the public and the arts.
Nina Folkersma-Artists should lead the communication and not contain such a commercial copy of tactics.
Barbara Steiner- The more people attend, the more political pressure. (author-maybe retracting the attendence).
Susanne Titz- Church on Sunday. (author-similar to churches, art galleries may need some reinvention).
What is mediation?
Wailing Boers-The combination of aesthetics and politics deciding the use of public monies and direct it towards public interests.

(Artists)Creative thinkers may very well create the framework of these institutions and see at the same instant how their alternating perspectives fit together, clash and overlap. Maybe a true definition would arise from this of mediation in the arts.

Across the Bridge
Werktage Building Mitte Berlin, Septmeber 03/2002

Built in the early 1900s, the Werktage is currently undergoing a renovation of it´s interior components and now houses not only the gallery and studio spaces, but also the craft- and print-shops and musical studios. The Werktage is an incredible environment for exhibitions, opening up the collected arts and producing an invigorating atmosphere to experience.
Across the Bridge, which began in 1996, has branched out far beyond it´s home in Long Island City with showings across the continents. This is hardly suprising since the artists themselves originate from all corners of the world including Venezuela, Italy, Germany, Peru and the U.S. With expansion has come transformation and the current form (what is another word for this, I am thinking as in evolution) of Across the Bridge is both inspiring and informative.
Your perception of what Across the Bridge is attempting to achieve as a unified group is aided by the curation, which was done with a sense of delicate calmness thus relaxing your vision. The diversity and close connection of the exhibition relates to a fine network of individuals. Every aspect of their art is a reflection of how it is brought together and the group´s goal as a team. They have taken up as a united cultural group and created something brand new to express partnerships between people.
Most of the works were of a decorative construct and almost inspire functionality.
Alternative to this theme were the works by Espartaco Albornoz, Kay Gordon and Serena Depero.
Albornoz´s oil on linen paintings were fascinating and enchanting, drawing you into a mystical childhood world of secret telling.
Gordon´s forty or so intricate wax plates were a balance of flow and structure, showing signs of something familiar. One plate appeared as a rose suspended in glass, holding a romance within a cold perspective.
Depero´s acrylic on canvas works utilise soothing colours and calm designs to explore the clinical, realising naturalistic beauty in something quite the opposite.
The approach for Across the Bridge is for all to enjoy and an example of individuals crossing various boundaries to meet and become involved with one another.

Documenta11 Platform_5

Kassel Germany, June 08 ­ September 15, 2002

Exhibition Documenta11
Since 1955 the Documenta is held every five years. Every facet of the exhibition is concerned with interconnections and you really begin to understand the main platform of Documenta as everyone´s right to their home without discrepancy for spaces, regions, traditions. Here the exhibition is quite impersonal and technically informal as all forms of media including sculpture, painting, photography, film, video and installations are in documentation form. To learn the art as opposed to experiencing it.
In the histories of the Documenta only well known artists were chosen to exhibit. Presently the Directors have established an incorporation of new artists, some of whom have not been in the eyes of other global regions. Each symposium is lead from lectures, debates and discussions about what the platforms are expressing and only platform 5 exhibits Expressing moral rights and security and their challenges that create unstable environments.

House of World Cultures, Berlin, October 9 - 30, 2001
Democracy Unrealised
This is an interdisciplinary exhibition on global capitalism and immigration. Artists and creative thinkers get to pursue democracy as a work in progress. In the 21st century the globalization process whereby modern democracies have realised their limits. Platform_1 stands progress that is beginning reinvention. It deals with tolerance work and development ethics, globalisation and democracy.
India Habitat Centre, New Delhi, May 7 - 21, 2001
Experiments with Truth: Transtitional Justice and the Process of Truth and Reconcilliation
Asking the question, “What constitutes truth?”, can only be answered from a perspective of presence. The platform organizes a universal truth as seperated perspectives and attempts to study these in conjunction with the artistic and cultural presences. The comprehensive video and film program rewrite archival and documentary footage to make the clearest modern picture possible. Examining justice to keep the truth from corruption in the search for reconciliation.
Hyatt Regency, St. Lucia West Indies, January 13 ­ 16, 2002
Créolité and Creolization
Articulating a concept from the French Caribbean. Creolization is the ongoing process of the unknown. Créolité is a state beyond that emerges from creolization. Creating a formal dialoge of Creole arts and cultures, involving literature and linguistics to figurize the process of creolization. This platform describes the merging of modern cultures to the present day. Researching the origin of language and it´s evolution through the giving of multicultural interactions.
Goethe Institute Inter Nationes, Lagos, March 15 - 21, 2002
Under Siege: Four African Cities, Freetown, Johannesburg, Kinshasa, Lagos
The aim of Under Siege is to challenge not only our perspective of these four cities, but of all cities of the 21st century. Platform_4 explores the divergent paths of political, social and cultural agandas and the consequent unraveling and social undoing of these cities.
Platform_4 did not, however, seek to dwell on the present. Rather it hoped to approach these cities as places of reinvention, creativity, potential and hope.
The conference not only drew ideas from artists, writers and architects, but also from the ranks of economists, criminologists and non-governmental organizations.

International Gallery of Art and Information

Ulandstraße, Berlin October 05/2002

Considering art for appreciation is an emotional yet formal process for investors and collectors. Showing efforts and workings of thought brings to life a craftsmanship that aesthetic onlookers have been missing. Qualities that again incorporate Berlins young and older artisans suggesting that a detailed idea is worth more.

The owner/operator, Dr. Horst Kerlikowsky is extensivly involved in graphics and recently journalism, having in the past represented graphic arts in over 100.000 images in a series of books. Dr. Kerlikowsky curated the group show to perpetuate the begining of the fall season with colours that brighten a minds eye amidst some dark cloud.
The Gallery also establishes a variety of artist books and reference materials and if more information on any artist is required Dr. Kerlikowsky can assist you.
Presented at the opening reception were:
Wofgang P. Brunner- Graphic art
Tiled, photomanipulated and handcrafted pictures.
Reinhard Kühl- Photo-etching
Children playing at the beach
The titles are names of historical Generals
Elisabeth Schwarz- Lithographs
Bottles and wine glasses
Among others selected and represented in a compilmenting mode whilst postulating perspectives of a generalized feeling. Many have been shown great warm and rewarding responses in their styles from peers and institutuions as upon this very opening.

Pomfenn Works Gallery Feature
Black & White Photography 1997
Stock photography from Benjamin Dunstan.

In a small town called Roseneath, Ontario with a population of 300 people mostly farmers and their families. I ended up spending a few years here, fortunatly I met some of my good friends who were also from a more civilized background. The city.

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